A Visit With A Moldovan Family

Almost 5 years ago to the day, I was able to visit Moldova and meet with sponsored families and visit a group home for children.  It was the adventure of a lifetime (one that I hope to repeat soon!).  I wanted to re-share this story because this is a success story.  This family graduated from the Family sponsorship program.  I've edited out the family name but this is the account of that day in 2010.  My only regret is the blurriness of the picture!  I hope to take a better camera next time.


Monday morning, March 22, I was picked up by Natasha and Adrian (a family to family coordinator) to visit the T family in Telenesti. 
Natasha met me in front of the hotel bearing what appeared to be a flag of surrender.  Upon closer inspection, it was a great calling card (MWB logo on front).

First we stopped at the Mission Without Borders office in Chisinau.  I was able to  meet Ion Groza, the mission director for Moldova and  take a tour of the offices.  We then left for Telenesti,  stopping at the warehouse to pick up some food supplies for the coordinator (Adrian) to distribute.
Upon arrival in Telenesti, we drove to the house of the T family.  I was surprised (in a good way) to recognize Pavel (the father) who met us at the gate to their house.  The latest update I  had received said that he had left the country seeking employment.  He had returned and was working on fixing up their house.
After introductions, I was able to tell my story and hear a bit of their story.  Pavel and his family serve as missionaries/church workers at two churches in the area.  The four children remaining at home are active in both churches.  Several  years ago, Pavel was able to leave Moldova and study at a Bible college in Romania (Oradea).  There they had three boys-Iosif (named after Joseph from the Old Testament-his father says he has many of Joseph’s character traits), Imanuel (named after the Emmanuel church in Oradea), and Paul (named after Paul Negrut- president of Emanuel University where Pavel attended).  Daughter Naomi (who was a comfort to Ruth in the OT) was born after the family returned to Moldova.  She was a comfort during difficult times as the living conditions in Moldova were much more difficult that during the stay in Romania.

But Pavel and his family feel called to their homeland of Moldova-to  preach the gospel there and be a light in that land.  They are enrolled in Mission Without Borders family to family program.  This program assists families with food, hygiene supplies, medicines, and special projects to assist them  during difficult times.  I feel so privileged to be connected to the Turcan family through this program.  Through their witness, I am able to be a partner in the gospel and enable them to stay in Moldova and be a witness to their friends and neighbors.
Before I left, I was astonished to find that they had prepared a gift for me!  It was a lighthouse clock.  Pavel said that lighthouses always point us in the right direction.  Following Jesus is like following the light from a lighthouse- it will always guide you safely.

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Family Sponsorhip in Moldova: The Chivu family

One of the benefits of the Family to Family sponsorship program is that you are paired with a real family who desire to be self sufficient.  Once basic needs are met, Mission Without Borders coordinators talk with families and find ways to help them move toward the goal of independence. Once such family was the Chivu family (name changed)..

Original post from March 2014:

Chickens to be exact.  I was so excited last week to get a letter from my friends in Moldova. They are in the family to family sponsorship program with Mission Without Borders.  This program is designed to meet physical and spiritual needs while helping families become self sufficient.  The great news is that they received a gift of chickens!  Not just a few either.  They now have a flock of 40 hens and a supply of grain for food. These chickens will do what chickens do- lay eggs for nutritious and protein rich breakfasts for the children.  Extra eggs can be sold for income.  They can be bred and chicks sold as well!  It's a great start to being able to provide for themselves.  A mini farm also benefits the whole community- providing healthy food and increasing trade in a stagnant economy.

In the letter, Mr C said that his daughter loves feeding and watering the chickens.

I hope that this will be the start of a new beginning for this family.  The mother is working abroad to provide income right now.  I'm praying that this small step will eventually enable her to be able to come home permanently.  Anyhow it was a great way to start the week.  Sometimes it can be easy to think that the small things you do have little or no impact.  It's always a blessing to get a glimpse into how families are being changed- one family at a time.