Friday, March 28, 2014

Something fun for Friday..

Inspiration: A Short Comedy from Moldova

Monday, March 24, 2014

Missions Monday. Spring is for the birds..

Chickens to be exact.  I was so excited last week to get a letter from my friends in Moldova. They are in the family to family sponsorship program with Mission Without Borders.  This program is designed to meet physical and spiritual needs while helping families become self sufficient.  The great news is that they received a gift of chickens!  Not just a few either.  They now have a flock of 40 hens and a supply of grain for food. These chickens will do what chickens do- lay eggs for nutritious and protein rich breakfasts for the children.  Extra eggs can be sold for income.  They can be bred and chicks sold as well!  It's a great start to being able to provide for themselves.  A mini farm also benefits the whole community- providing healthy food and increasing trade in a stagnant economy.

In the letter, Mr C said that his daughter loves feeding and watering the chickens.

I hope that this will be the start of a new beginning for this family.  The mother is working abroad to provide income right now.  I'm praying that this small step will eventually enable her to be able to come home permanently.  Anyhow it was a great way to start the week.  Sometimes it can be easy to think that the small things you do have little or no impact.  It's always a blessing to get a glimpse into how families are being changed- one family at a time.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Enter to win a Combi Chef Four in One Food Slicer!

Who is tired of winter?  I know that I am.  March has come in like a lion  (here at least).  I only hope it will go out like a lamb.  Today was pleasant though but I think another winter storm is on the way this weekend.

The beginning of spring and warmer weather deserves a celebration.  And to celebrate warmer weather which is here (I hope) to stay, I have joined with other bloggers in the Magical March Giveaway Hop! This hop is hosted by LeahSay's Views and Planet Weidknecht.

All the giveaway prizes have a value of $25 or more.  My prize is somewhat practical and VERY useful around the kitchen.  It is a Combi Chef Four in One Food Slicer and Grater!  

This Food Slicer has been featured on QVC.  You can watch the demo and sales pitch below!

Just enter daily on the Rafflecopter below!  This giveaway ends on March 17th at midnight.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March groceries #SNAP

I made several trip this week and have drawn up menus/ideas for this months food budget. I was also fortunate to find several items on sale. Kroger sends coupons on a regular basis to their card members and this months mailing included some free vegetables! I always find it worthwhile to use my Kroger card to save money. I also found cereal on sale at Walgreen's. I always keep an eye out for sales at Walgreen's and it paid off this month!

Kroger 1 minute oatmeal $3.89 (about 15 1 cup servings)
1 box spaghetti $1
1 box whole wheat Rotini $1
3-1 lb dry beans (@1.39 each) $4.17
4 boxes veggie Rotini (sale @.69) $2.76
4 lb sugar $1.50
5 lb rice $2.98
Kroger non-fat dry milk $6.59
(should make 3-4 gallons)
1 jar pasta sauce $1.29
3 boxes Cheerios $5.91
(Walgreens sale @ $1.97 each!)
4 loaves of bread (Kroger) $1.96
(mgrs special!  put 3 in freezer)
3 cans spinach (@ $1 each) $3.00
Kroger brand peanut butter $2.99
Dozen eggs $2.00
(sale at Kroger)
mini carrots FREE
Frozen broccoli FREE

$41.04 total spent over several shopping trips!  I have tea, olive oil, ketchup, and margarine in the pantry as well.  This should easily last through the rest of March.  Meaning that I am going to eat on $1.64 a day- well below the KY SNAP average of $4.24 a day) until the end of March!  I did buy several Rubbermaid containers that I found on sale.  Cooking for one is a pain and means I usually make 2-6 meals at a time and stash them in the fridge.

Note that I only used 2 coupons (for the free carrots and broccoli). I'm just not into cutting coupons when buying store brands and catching sales is a much better way (for me anyhow) to stretch money.

Have you ever tried dry milk (as opposed to running out for milk every week)? I've had it before- it does take some getting used to. I've just never did the math and realized the significant savings per serving (and it doesn't go bad- so no waste!)